Admire their beauty. Experience their magic. 

what is Hemp flower? 

Hemp flower, also known as CBD flower, comes from all-natural cannabis bud: it contains cannabidiol without the THC, which is the stuff that makes you feel high. Our CBD flower is 100% safe, smokable, and ideal for unwinding without any psychoactive effect. TLDR; Lovepot lets you appreciate cannabis flower’s magically relaxing effects without getting stoned.


Meet your local flower dealer. 


why choose Lovepot? 

We’re women-owned and run, as are the hemp flower growers we source from.

Our partner florist is an expert florist who works in premium, imported flowers: their work has been beloved by many for special gift deliveries, weddings, and events for clients like Louis Vuitton, Cosmopolitan, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Céline Dion, Gwen Stefani, and many more.
Handcrafted in Las Vegas by our all-women design team. Custom colors, flowers, and bouquet sizes are available: please reach out via email or text and add as much detail as possible. We’ll get in touch to finalize your order.

Special event coming up? 

We'll bring the flower(s). Lovepot offers fresh cuts to add to your next event. Due to covid & the times right now, order one of our flower crowns or boutonnieres to add some zest to the mix.

Have any more questions?

Email us at orders@shoplovepot.com & we'll get right back to you!